The mission behind ThinkCAD.

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Our Story
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My Story

Did you know I actually used SolidWorks as my strongest point to land my first job?

When I graduated in 2012, I was fresh out of uni and managed to work as an intern in a medical company in south Germany. While I was there, I noticed, they are working with an old CAD in a very basic level. It was February 2013. I took this opportunity to prove my value by bringing them something they did not have. So I took my private laptop to work and fired up my SolidWorks and looks for an opportunity. A while later, I noticed, one of the tasks engineers had to do in the R&D department, was to calculate the rough surface area on the stent (aortic implant) they design and their calculations where so rough, it was not even kind of close. They needed the surface area to measure the amount of drug they needed to coat these stents with. I designed that stent accurately in SolidWorks within 4 hours, and measured the surface area down to last digits after the decimal. Boom! I was basically in!
Why am I telling you this? because a similar story can happen for you. SolidWorks Skills are high in demand and you can 100% make it work for you and make tons of money using this 1 skill alone.

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The Mission Behind ThinkCAD

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1. Make Education Accessible

We were tired of low quality SolidWorks Courses.So we set on a journey  to bring the best quality possible (even better than in person courses) to you at an affordable price.We give you 10X more value than what you invest in.

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2. Help you Grow

This is not just a business for us. We truly care about getting you results. That is why we promise all our students to be able to get certified and start modelling like a professional in just 30 days or less.

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3. Grow a Community

But most importantly, our goal is to build a community of like minded people who help each other grow. That is why we have a private community of high performant people where they help each other and us to grow together.

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