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From Engineers for Engineers. We are a passionate team of designers bringing you the best way of improving your knowlege ahead of the curve. Our goal is to make you stand out with your professional design skills.

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One of our students:

A few months ago I was on the verge of purchasing and still in doubt whether it would be worth it. I can now safely say that it definitely was I learned more from this course so far than I did from 2 University courses. Aside from the many lectures and step by step tutorials the private community forum has so much value.

Bart Dekkers
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Our Courses

Choose how would you like to learn with us. You can choose from our flagship all in one course, our mini course or our online 1 on 1 coaching.

GD&T Course Pro

Learn the art of perfect tolerancing which guarantees a 100% fit in your designs. Ultimate course for beginners.

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SOLIDWORKS  Course Pro - Complete Course

Learn SolidWorks in 30 days or less with no prior experience. The most complete and step by step course on the market. Get certified at a CSWP level.

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SOLIDWORKS Course Pro -Mini Course

A FREE starter course to get you started with SolidWorks and see if our way of teaching is right for you. Get your first model designed in less than 30 minutes.

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World-Class Instructor

We have certified instructors with many years of experience in different industries. You will get practical real life practice.

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Top Notch Courses

4.9/5 star courses with all the material, mentorship and resources you will ever need. No more wasting time on YouTube.

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Global Students Community

We have our own dedicated private community of over 500 professional designers and going by 50 new members each month!

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One-on-One Mentorship

Access to all our mentors through our private community once you join one of our premium courses.

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Filling the knowledge gaps

“I have taken a SolidWorks course at my university, but when I joined this course I went through all of the beginner videos, which filled me in on lots of tips and tricks that I had not learned in my course. This tutorial has been very helpful and easy to follow!”

Ella Higgins
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Learning Center

Discover our free content to grow your 3D skills in SOLIDWORKS Product Design, Sheet Metal,Weldment sand Technical Drawing.

SOLIDWORKS visualize vs keyshot comparison

SOLIDWORKS Visualize vs. KeyShot: A Comparative Analysis

In the world of 3D design, visualization software plays a crucial role in bringing concepts to life. Two popular visualization tools in the industry are SOLIDWORKS Visualize and KeyShot. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast the features and capabilities of these two software packages, highlighting their key differences.


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